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Revitalize Legacy Insurance Software with SwiftUpgrade

Transition Seamlessly from Legacy Software to
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We've streamlined the complexity and risk associated with upgrading legacy insurance software by developing a solution that allows you to deploy new technology faster than ever. Introducing SwiftUpgrade, our proprietary solution that automates the upgrade process for insurtech solutions like Duck Creek. SwiftUpgrade boosts ROI, minimizes business disruption, and enables you to focus on your most critical growth initiatives.

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Effortlessly Streamline the Upgrade Process with SwiftUpgrade

Achieving an efficient Duck Creek upgrade demands extensive expertise in the Duck Creek platform. Aggne, with its deep knowledge and experience with Duck Creek Upgrades, presents SwiftUpgrade. An upgrade automation platform designed to simplify the upgrade process to reduce time and expense.

Accelerate Speed to Market

SwiftUpgrade optimizes the capabilities of insurers utilizing the DuckCreek Platform, enabling them to quickly respond to market changes. This transformative solution unlocks new revenue opportunities, accelerates time to market, and reduces product development and maintenance costs. With streamlined operations, insurers can effortlessly incorporate regular software upgrades and leverage the latest features offered in each new release.

Revolutionize Upgrades

The SwiftUpgrade process commences with an automated discovery to collect information about the customizations and configurations of your existing software versions. By assessing and documenting, the necessary upgrade actions, upgrade complexity, and overall software health, the upgrade process is performed through smart automation wherever feasible. This allows our upgrade consultants to focus exclusively on the most intricate parts of the upgrade, saving you time and money. Once the upgrade actions are completed and verified, SwiftUpgrade deploys the upgrade alongside the legacy version to ensure a seamless transition and eliminate any operational disruptions.

Upgrade your core insurance stack with SwiftUpgrade!
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