Cloud Services for Insurers: Aggne’s Tailored Solutions for Better Management

Flexibility, Scalability, and Security with Aggne’s Cloud Services

Transforming Insurance with Tailored Cloud Based Solutions

Aggne's cloud services enable insurers to adeptly navigate the fast-paced, ever-changing insurance industry landscape. Our affordable, feature-packed, and adaptable cloud-based solutions facilitate the automation of business operations for enhanced management. With Aggne, insurers can swiftly identify new trends and implement new systems to address emerging customer demands. By harnessing our cloud services, insurers can operate with more flexibility, insurers to work smarter, reach the market faster, and achieve significant cost savings. Through Aggne's cloud services, insurers are empowered to work smarter, reach the market faster, and realize substantial cost savings. By utilizing Aggne's cloud services, insurers gain a competitive edge with real-time processing, unified platforms (Policy, Billing, Rating, Claims, Data, and more), decreased infrastructure and maintenance costs, and automated upgrades.

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Real-time Processing, Consolidated Platforms, Reduced Costs, and Automated Upgrades for an Unmatched Insurance Experience.

Real-time Processing

Our cloud-based solutions offer real-time processing, allowing insurers to quickly respond to customer needs and market trends.

Consolidation of Platforms

We consolidate multiple platforms, including Policy, Billing, Rating, Claims, and Data into one. simplifying the management of your systems.

Reduced Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs

With our cloud-based services, we eliminate the need for physical hardware, reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Automated Upgrades

We provide automated upgrades, allowing insurers to focus on their core business while we take care of the technical aspects.

Built for Agility, Designed for Security,
and Powered by Innovation.


Our portal frameworks and applications are built using API platforms and serverless architecture, enabling rapid legacy modernization and business acceleration. 

Cloud Security

With our cloud security, we ensure compliance and satisfy audit requirements through automated assessments, security testing, and customized audit frameworks.

Cloud Migration

We combine rapid assessment and application migration to enable proactive decision making based on your value proposition instead of technical debt.

Analytics and Regulatory Compliance

Our services help streamline the claims registration and processing process, reducing turnaround times and increasing efficiency.

Policy Registration and Cancellation

We provide services to automate the policy registration and cancellation process, reducing turnaround times and improving customer experience.
How we do it
At Aggne, we recognize the significance of delivering customized and effective cloud solutions to address the dynamic needs of insurers. Our team is comprised of skilled and certified professionals with profound product knowledge and a track record of successfully deploying efficient cloud solutions. We adopt a structured approach to our cloud services, starting with a consultation to comprehend your business requirements. Following that, we outline the appropriate cloud architecture and design the most suitable cloud solutions, tailored to your needs. Our comprehensive cloud solutions are designed to enable you to concentrate on your core business while we manage the technical aspects. Aggne is dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition to cloud-based solutions. Our team guarantees a smooth, hassle-free migration, allowing you to reap the benefits of cloud services, including enhanced agility, scalability, and security.
Unleash Cloud Power for an unmatched Insurance experience with Real-time Processing, Consolidated Platforms, Reduced Costs & Automated Upgrades.
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