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Specialized Insurance Development and Integration: Customized Solutions for Your Insurance Business

Aggne is a leading provider of development and integration services for insurers. We leverage our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and cutting-edge technological expertise to assist clients in overcoming their business and technology challenges. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses defining, designing, building, and integrating applications using customized platforms tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. We foster close collaboration with our clients to formulate the most effective strategy and to construct a new technology ecosystem that is highly automated and cost-effective.

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Aggne's Duck Creek Implementation Services

Our Development and Integration Services are designed to help insurers increase productivity and enhance customer touchpoints. We provide a range of services that include:

Claims Processing

Our services help streamline claims integrations to ensure accurate processing, reduced turnaround time and increased efficiency.


We provide services to integrate underwriting processes with other applications, enabling insurers to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

Integration with Legacy Applications

We help insurers integrate their legacy systems with modern technology platforms, ensuring seamless data transfer and improving overall efficiency.

Analytics and Regulatory Compliance

Our services help insurers comply with regulatory requirements and ensure data security. We provide a range of analytics services that enable insurers to make data-driven decisions.

Policy Registration and Cancellation

We provide services to automate the policy registration and cancellation process, reducing turnaround times and improving customer experience.
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