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Duck Creek is a comprehensive suite of best-in-class applications designed to optimize insurance operations and elevate customer satisfaction. Implementing these solutions, however, can intricate and lengthy, necessitating specialized knowledge and expertise. Aggne enters the picture with our extensive experience and exclusive development kit - SwiftConfig, as well as automation tools - SwiftUpgrade and SwiftQA. We are committed to assisting you in the rapid and efficient deployment of Duck Creek solutions, minimizing both your time to market and total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Experience the difference with Aggne by your side.

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Aggne's Duck Creek Implementation Services include

Technical Debt Management

We proactively identify and address technical debt, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing system performance for optimal results.

Business Goal & Technology Alignment

Our approach ensures seamless integration of business objectives with technology, enabling a comprehensive and transformative outcome.

Managed Operations and Support

We are dedicated to maintaining seamless operations and customer satisfaction through our expert support and maintenance services.

Automated Duck Creek Version Upgrades

Experience hassle-free upgrades with minimal downtime and cost, leveraging our proprietary solution - SwiftUpgrade.

Cost Reduction, Risk Mitigation, and Growth Acceleration

Our innovative solutions drive cost savings, minimize risk, and propel growth, ensuring a competitive edge in the insurtech landscape.

How we do it

Aggne's SwiftConfig solution empowers you to achieve rapid implementation, customization, and deployment of Duck Creek solutions, delivering tangible business value from day one.

Identify your business needs

We work with you to determine your business goals and priorities, ensuring alignment with the Duck Creek platform.

Install SwiftConfig

Our proprietary solution, SwiftConfig, is a versatile, out-of-the-box tool that offers exceptional flexibility for configuring and customizing applications. We'll help you install and configure SwiftConfig to suit your unique business requirements.

Pre-configuration policy and billing customizations

SwiftConfig supplies pre-configured policy and billing customizations, allowing you to launch quickly while adhering to industry best practices.

Configure and customize applications

Utilize SwiftConfig to adapt and tailor applications to the Duck Creek platform, preserving and enhancing the value of your existing investments.

Implement guardrails

SwiftConfig enforces guardrails that maintain configurations and customizations in accordance with best practices, ensuring optimal performance.

Manage multiple configurations and customizations

SwiftConfig tracks various configurations and all your customizations, enabling swift and cost-effective upgrades when new software is released.

Automated Duck Creek Upgrades for Accelerated Outcomes

At Aggne, we understand that upgrading your Duck Creek Platform can be a complex and time-consuming process. That's why we offer SwiftUpgrade, our proprietary upgrade automation platform designed to minimize the time and money spent on upgrades.

Automated Discovery
Our upgrade automation platform, SwiftUpgrade, starts with an automated discovery process. This process learns the customizations and configurations of your existing Duck Creek Platform software versions.
After the discovery process, we assess the upgrade actions necessary, the upgrade complexity, and overall software health. This allows us to understand the scope of work required to upgrade your system.
Smart Automation
We perform upgrade actions via smart automation wherever possible. This ensures that we can minimize the time and money spent on upgrades. Our upgrade consultants then focus only on the most complex parts of the upgrade, which saves you time and money.
Upgrade Deployment
Once the upgrade actions are complete and verified, SwiftUpgrade deploys the upgrade alongside the legacy version. This ensures a seamless transition and eliminates operational disruptions. With minimal operation ensured with SwiftUpgrade, insurers can factor in regular software upgrades and take advantage of the latest features that come with each new release.
Upgrade your Duck Creek Platform with ease using Aggne's SwiftUpgrade and achieve accelerated outcomes.
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