DevOps and Automation Services
for Insurers

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Insurers' Digital Transformation: Aggne's DevOps & Automation Services for the Insurance Industry

Aggne is a premier provider of advanced DevOps and automation solutions, enabling insurers in the transition from traditional methodologies to the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Our DevOps framework emphasizes cross-functional collaboration, streamlined communication, seamless integration, and sophisticated automation techniques, effectively dismantling siloed responsibilities between development and operations teams. Successively, we ensure a continuous cycle of improvement and value delivery, optimizing both software development processes and IT operations management.

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Aggne's DevOps Services

Aggne's DevOps and Automation services provide an array of advantages for insurers, such as:

Technical Debt Management

Efficiently addressing accumulated technical debt, promoting sustainable development, and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Business Goal and Technology Alignment

Synchronizing business objectives with technology strategies to ensure a seamless execution and maximized return on investment.

Managed Operations
and Support

Offering comprehensive management of IT operations and support, enhancing system performance and reliability.

Automated Duck Creek Version Upgrade

Streamlining the Duck Creek platform version upgrade process through automation, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition.

Reduced Costs, Risk, and Increased Growth

Lowering operational expenses, mitigating risks, and fostering growth by optimizing processes and implementing innovative solutions.
Unlock the real potential of digital transformation with Aggne's DevOps and Automation Services.
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